Herding Cats

Thank you checking out my new website and thanks to Philip Clark with CHAR for his design and assistance in pulling together all my diverse writing samples.

I’ve been writing and editing for more than 30 years and, during this time, I’ve worked on a wide range of projects, which means corralling it all into a coherent website is a bit like herding cats. I’m not sure if I’ve succeeded, but I’ve definitely narrowed down the list.

Many of my recent projects involved collaborating with designers to help companies create their first websites or redesign outdated ones. I’ve included several examples—from dignified, but accessible (a new site for reinsurance firm Holborn Corporation) to fun, yet appropriate for corporate clients (a new look and messaging for video game developer Shiny Shoe).

Traveling back through time, I’ve also included older pieces from my time working for non-profits like the Metropolitan Opera and Broadway Cares and a few recent non-profit projects too—a fundraising package for California-based Summer Search and a brochure for The Tanenbaum Center.

I’ve also included several recent editorial projects, a mixed bag of pieces from LGBTQ outlet Edge Media’s monthly digital magazine—an interview with Margaret Cho, a piece on Baltimore’s proposed “Divine” memorial and one I particularly like, focusing on young adult fiction. As this site comes together, I’m working on a piece about the new Ab Fab movie, set for release this summer.

If this odd mix shows anything, it’s that I can write about almost anything. Take a look!

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